About Us

What We're all About

Our passion is to help people experience God's love by showing them love.  

Extended Arms Initiative has four parts to it.  We have our home ministries in Los Angeles and utilize this platform to reach out to the less fortunate people in our communities. For the homeless we provide food, clothing and  hygiene supplies. We hope that someday in the near future we will be able to provide  housing accommodations.  For the latchkey kids we visit them, enjoy a time of fellowship with them, help them to feel loved and give them hope that there is a better future for them. We also take the kids to Disneyland once a year because we believe they should have the opportunity to enjoy "the happiest place on earth."

The  second part is the ability to  be first responder in case of emergency to people in disaster area like we did during the hurricane season.

The third part of our ministry is actually international.  Every other year we go on medical missions to Africa and set up clinics  to provide free health care to villagers.

The fourth aspect of our ministry is giving hope to youths in the village of Ebu, delta state, Nigeria. We have built a youth center and are still in the process of development . The center provides opportunities for them to be physically, emotionally, spiritually ready to thrive in their world.  There are sports equipment for exercise, a large soccer field, and a basketball court. At present some of them have enrolled in our fashion school so they can develop sewing skills that can become a source of income for them. We are  also planning to start a computer school this year .